The Turkish Bath ''Hamam'' & Water Rituals

Everything starts with a pleasant Turkish Bath…

Traditional Turkish Bath:

images/content_category/mg-8650-2_1600_99c.jpgThis pleasant experience starts with a single-use glove, peeling the dead cells away the taking the toxins out of your body. Opening the pores makes your skin, breathe more easly. Then it is time for the soap foammassage which accelerates blood circulation.
Now your body is ready for the Spa treatments. 30 min.

Sultan's Massage:
After the completion of peeling, a thick layer of clay is applied onto your body. After waiting for 15 minutes; we wash off the clay and start the foam massage.
(Clay nourishes and smoothes your skin with its tich ingredients abd also provides your skin to be brighter and alive) 60 min.

Foam Massage for Children:
Of course we didn't forget the children! You can enjoy this pleasure with your whole family, with the ritual of a Turkish bath performed exclusively for children. 15/30 min.

Traditional Turkish Foam Massage:
This traditional foam of massage is preformed in the hamam using special soaps containing local olive oils and flower extracts. After this application you will have a fresh ad rejuvenated soft skin like a baby's. 30 min.


Coffee Peeling:
Freshen up your body with unique ground coffee. The body peeling experience leaves your skin smooth and silky, accelerates blood circulation and exfoliates dead skin cells. 30 min.

Cleopatra Milk Bath:
For dry skin and a perfect coice for those who want to be pampered. You will enjoy a jet-water, milk bath massage, which will bring a silky and vibrant look to your body.
Relax in luxurious atmosphere, with a nice, chilled wine, Alternatively try, our seaweed or aroma oil baths. 30 min.

Balneotherapy Multi Jet Bath:
This is a water therapy that restructures and refreshes your body, promotes circulation and eliminates pain and stress. You can choose among the options of micronized seaweed, aromatic or milky essentials for your state of mind and desires. 30 min.

Experience Spa Jet:
When the water massage starts, the pressurized water jets, massaging from your skin to nerves, then to the deeper parts of your body. In the meantime the lights of the room get weaker and the magic of colour therapy starts. The colours reflecting on the water, affect your psychological state in various forms, setting a side your anxieties! Discover the power of colours and water in your inner and outer world... 30 min.