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About Our Company;



Our business includes Aqua Fantasy World Hotel, Tui Blue Ephesus Hotel & Aqua Fantasy Aquapark facilities.

Location of Our Facilities;

Our facilities are located on the world famous Pamucak (Efes Beach) coast of Izmir. Those who stay in our facilities, which have unique beauties with sea, sun, sports and recreation areas, can visit the ancient city of Ephesus, the Virgin Mary, the Temple of Artemis, the Seven Sleepers and Şirince Village, the Dilek Peninsula National Park, the ancient cities of Miletos and Pirene, the Old Doğanbey Village. They may have a chance to visit.

Our Contact Address: Aqua Fantasy Hotel Atatürk Mah. Pamucak Hotels Region 35920 Selcuk Izmir

Our phone number: 0232 850 85 00

Fax : 0232 893 14 10



Our Foundation and Change Adventure;

2000 Waterpark and 1800 block opening

2003 Opening of Aqua Fantasy Club Hotel blocks

2006 Aqua Fantasy World Hotel opening

2019 Commissioning of Aqua Fantasy Club Hotel as TUI Family Life Hotel with name and concept change

2020 TUI Family Life Hotel's transition to TUI Blue hotel concept and name change


Our facility is 5 km to Ephesus Ancient City, 8 km to Selçuk, 8 km to Kuşadası and 55 km to İzmir Adnan Menderes Airport.

It is located on a 210.000 m2 land and its coastline is 300 meters.

Airport : 55 km.



We do not discriminate against language, religion, race, physical appearance and gender among our colleagues. We make us feel that we are conscious of the fact that we are human


It is our priority to contribute to the cultural, social and economic development of the geography we exist in. We respect the traditions and values ​​of the local community.


We aim to reduce our negative impacts on the environment and to raise awareness of environmental protection in our employees and guests. We work for a better world and a better future.


Our most valuable asset is our human resources. We determine the occupational safety risks of our employees and work to ensure the safety of all our employees with preventive measures


We support cycling life, we strive to reduce our carbon footprint and be healthier individuals.


Children are our future. Protecting and observing children against all kinds of physical and psychological violence and respecting children's rights are among our most important responsibilities.


We ensure that all kinds of food we offer to our employees and guests are safe. We fulfill the requirements of the relevant legislation and the Food Safety Management System in all areas from the raw material stage to the storage, production and service stages.

We manage and carry out all our work and services for our employees and guests with our standard system, which we have created by observing international standards.

Legal Requirements

As AquaFantasy Hotel, it has adopted the principle of complying with legal requirements in all product and service processes.

Guest Satisfaction – Guest Safety – Guest Orientation

Our guests are the reason we exist. Our primary values ​​are to follow up on all guest complaints from all kinds of sources, to resolve complaints and to inform our guests about this issue and turn complaints into opportunities for ourselves.


AquaFantasy Hotel is based on the most efficient use of our energy resources and continuous improvement in energy efficiency.

Our Investors and Business Partners

By determining the expectations and needs of our investors, who provide a peaceful and safe working environment for their employees, and our business partners with whom we share the same goal, we work to provide better service than our competitors with the most affordable cost.

Supporting Local Economy and Sustainable Purchasing Practices

We are aware of our contribution to the local economy, so 95% of our suppliers and raw materials are local. For sustainable tourism, we make environmentally friendly purchases that produce less energy, water and waste. Competing in the national and international markets in the light of these principles, our Hotels always show the necessary determination to be a leader, constantly develop and provide resources.

Those made from recycled products or those that can be recycled,

Sustainably produced/provided from sustainable sources,

Fair Trade/ Organic/ FSC/ MSC etc.,

We prefer those who deliver with less packaging, save energy and water, and are environmentally sustainable.


AquaFantasy Hotel, while carrying out its activities, maintains positive relations between the surrounding society, organizations and natural habitats and the institution; It works to ensure that its social and economic effects are as positive and beneficial for the environment and the people of the region as possible, and to reduce and eliminate its negative effects.

Our Corporate Responsibilities;

Being Environmentally Friendly;

To carry out works that will contribute to the protection of the environment and cultural heritage in the region where we carry out our activities and beyond as much as possible; Our primary goal is to control our environmental impacts.

Supporting the Local People;

We pay attention to the fact that the personnel we employ are the people of the region. In this way, with the multiplier effect of the economy, we contribute to the revitalization of the economy in the region by the personnel we employ. At the same time, we help the people of the region stay in their region rather than looking for job opportunities outside of their region.

Sustainable Tourism;

Meeting the needs of our guests and the people of the region by thinking about future generations, protecting natural resources and wildlife, saving energy and water and increasing the quality of life constitute the basis of our sustainability activities.

Local Suppliers;

To supply our needs to a large extent from local vendors, To contribute to the development of the region, as well as to raise awareness of local vendors to produce better and higher quality and to be sensitive to the environment, To direct our guests to shop from local vendors for the development of the region,

To ensure sustainable profitability by working in an understanding of continuous development and improvement with all these practices, to be a stable, pioneering and leading company in the sector.

AquaFantasy Academy

We support the career plans of our employees by contributing to their personal development and professional competencies.

We support the career plans of employees. While the employees of Aqua Fantasy Hotel, Tuı Blue Ephesus Hotel and Aqua Fantasy Aquapark experience the happiness of providing better service to our valued guests by taking their personal development and professional competencies to the next level with the training program of our corporate academy Aqua Fantasy Academy, they are also one step closer to their career goals..


We add value to employees and managers in the light of knowledge by supporting their career and personal development by receiving trainings from Izgoren Academy for department managers and supervisors.

Training of trainers

The Art of Recognizing People and Dealing with Difficult People

Skill management

Meeting Management

Butterfly in your palm

Process Management and Improvement

Effective Sales Techniques

Corporate Culture

Team work

Customer Relationship Management and Customer Satisfaction

New Era Sales Techniques

Customer Experience Management

How to Increase Performance in Employees?

• In order to prevent waste, food engineering department, kitchen chef and Cost team receive training under the leadership of Konak district agriculture.

Minimizing food waste, including the procurement of raw materials in the kitchens of mass consumption enterprises, the stages of preliminary preparation, storage and cooking, and the consumption of the final product, ensuring a long-term change in food consumption habits in mass consumption enterprises by adopting waste-preventing behaviors.


Education Opportunities

With the understanding of continuous education and development, our employees are given in-departmental Professional Development Trainings as well as Personal Development Trainings.

Within the year 2022, trainings were given to different subjects under the headings of General, Institutional Development, Personal Development and Departmental Trainings, both internally and externally. Training efficiency is tried to be increased by organizing Trainer Trainings for in-house trainers at regular intervals.

Sustainable Tourism and Travelife;

Sustainable tourism; means ensuring the continuity of the factors and assets that make up the tourism event without losing their quality and quantity. The concept of sustainability is gaining importance today in order to maintain the balance between nature and human.

Sustainable tourism and tourism;

By minimizing the negative effects on society and the environment,

to the local economy,

Protection of natural and cultural heritage,

Increasing the quality of life of the people of the region and visitors,

Increasing social and environmental impacts,

It is aimed to contribute to the awareness of both guests and staff.

It is profitable,

(economic sustainability);

Provides broad-based benefits for society,

(social sustainability);

It has a positive or neutral effect on the natural environment.

(environmental sustainability)

1) Use a low-flow shower, 6) Treat staff fairly

2) Use local suppliers 7) Use lights and appliances effectively

3)Apply smart waste management 8)Reduce the flow of faucets

4) Use energy-saving light bulbs 9) Reuse towels and bedding

5) Apply controlled energy use 10) Perform regular maintenance on the installation


One of the most important steps in sustainability is to ensure energy efficiency. First of all, problems should be determined by measuring energy use and possible savings areas should be determined. Low consumption equipment and systems should be preferred. Long-term improvement should be achieved using automation management and monitoring resources. Energy savings through maintenance, surveillance and monitoring should be analyzed continuously.

  • As AquaFantasy Hotel, being aware of the negative effects of the rapid depletion of energy resources, global warming and the damage caused by fossil fuels to the environment, we preferred renewable energy sources in our renovations and made efforts to reduce our carbon footprint in nature. The panels do not produce emissions during production. With a single solar energy system, we reduce up to 7 tons of carbon dioxide gas released into the atmosphere every year by replacing it. Coal and natural gas-fired power plants require large amounts of water to keep their generators, pipes and other equipment cool, in addition to the environmental problems they cause. Solar energy systems do not need water to operate, relieving the pressure on water resources and reducing the amount of water pollution.

  • • Pneumatic 2-stage concealed cistern has been installed instead of plastic cisterns above the toilet. With the pneumatic system, the losses due to snagging have been prevented, and 2 different consumption amounts are offered to the guests with the 2-stage push button.

  • • Photocell batteries and washing systems have been installed instead of mechanical fixtures. Thus, comfort and energy efficiency are provided.

  • • Club hotel main cold water line has been redesigned and made with aquatherm pipe, which contains a material that will not be affected by RO product water. While the line is being built, the zones are designed to be controlled by the counter. Thus, the leakage of the line is prevented and its control is ensured.

  • • Investment studies are underway for the installation of 1250 kW solar solar panels on the car park and building roofs within the facility. Upon completion of the investment, 2,000,000 kW of electrical energy per year will be obtained with solar panels.

  • • Electricity meters are installed on the kitchen panels. Thus, the interpretation of the use of electrical energy during the operation can be made and the parts can be controlled.

  • • 120 units of inverter wall type split air conditioners with R32 refrigerant gas were purchased. Thus, climate/global warming/energy efficiency will be ensured due to R32 refrigerant gas, and energy efficiency and comfort will be provided with the inverter feature.

  • • Existing lighting in 337 rooms will be replaced by using led products. Also, daylight will be used in the most efficient way with the change of linen materials.

  • • With the existing lighting scenario, the guest had to activate the whole system. With the new scenario, all zones zoned from the room entrance door are diversified with the bed head, make-up table and keys at the entrance door. Thus, the guest can only use the lighting in the area he needs.

  • • Since the existing door switches are at the bottom of the balcony door, there were breakages during the closing of the door, and there is a loss of energy due to both labor and failure of the switches. Door switches are flush mounted on the top of the doors. Thus, labor / material and energy losses are prevented.

  • • All damaged iron/galvanized collectors have been re-manufactured with aquatherm material resistant to ro product water. Thus, labor/material/water losses are prevented.

  • • LNG line was installed for Pearl bar kitchen cooking units. Thus, LNG-powered devices were replaced by electrical devices. Energy efficiency was achieved based on the upper calorific value and the unit cost.

Solar panels and Electric panels

• There are mechanical concealed cisterns in the bathrooms of the guest rooms that have not been renovated. Pneumatic concealed cisterns were used instead of mechanical concealed cisterns. With the pneumatic system, the losses due to snagging have been prevented, and 2 different consumption amounts are offered to the guests with the 2-stage push button.

• Since there is a leak in the mechanical installation pipes of the Flamingo pool, fresh water is constantly taken to the balance tank. With the repair of the overflow pipes, the flamingo pool water leakage was prevented. Thus, efficiency was achieved in chemical and water consumption.

• World hotel system consisting of 250 hot water collectors has been designed for 4 different levels. In addition, the system, which was built in 2006, has wear and tear on the pipes and insulation. The system in 4 different levels was completely disassembled and designed for a single level. Thus, there has been an increase in system efficiency. In addition, pipes and insulations were renewed and heat and plumbing leaks were prevented.

• There are 30 hot water collectors and an accumulation tank with a capacity of 5 tons in the personnel housing. Since the hot water produced in the high season is not enough, the LNG-powered boiler with a capacity of 50,000 kcal is constantly activated. Existing collectors were removed from the roof mounting and a total of 60 solar collectors were mounted on the ground. Mechanical installations and circulation pumps were renewed for 60 collectors, and an accumulation tank with a total capacity of 10 tons was installed. Thus, hot water production capacity was increased, system efficiency was increased with the renewed new generation circulation pumps, and LNG / Electricity consumption was saved.

• There are points that do not work in the automation system and points that have not been installed before at the points that consume and produce energy for the entire facility. Automation scenarios at energy producing and consuming points were revised and the system's max. It is aimed to work efficiently.

• Approximately 7.500.000 kW of electrical energy is used annually in the entire facility. 792 kW solar solar panels were installed on the roofs of the buildings within the facility. Upon completion of the investment, 1,300,000 kW of electrical energy per year will be obtained with solar panels.


We make our purchases from regions as close as possible. Thus, we aim to reduce the environmental impacts by minimizing the CO2 emissions of the delivery vehicles of the supplier companies.

We are planning actions that will erase our carbon footprint for a sustainable future.

Our first step to take action is to make a decision.

We will decarbonize our lives. We will prefer products that are produced with low-carbon, that is, climate-friendly methods, and we will use energy efficiently. We will prefer public transportation systems more in our modes of transportation, we will make vehicle routes and transportation plans, and we will prefer vehicles that use fuel efficiently.

We will give more support to recycling by taking measures to reduce our consumption. We will prefer suppliers that support recycling.

We are taking measures to do more with less energy. When purchasing a product, we also pay attention to the energy efficiency class.

We will prefer energies that produce less carbon. We will create a driving force for the growth of renewable energy supply. We will make greener choices.

We will make a greater contribution to energy efficiency by compensating for our carbon. We aim to erase our carbon footprint with various activities, especially tree planting.

With the awareness that the climate change problem is a global issue, we will think of joint solutions that will work together with the private sector, government, local governments and non-governmental organizations to solve it.

We will share our corporate activities with the public through various communication channels, especially our Sustainability Reports. We will create added value and set an example with our social responsibility projects

As a hotel, we support our staff to reduce carbon emissions by using bicycles within the facility.


Our primary goal in our Waste Management System, which we implement as AquaFantasy Hotel, is to reduce the amount of waste, to manage our wastes well and to ensure that they are disposed of with the least damage to the environment and to regain the recyclable ones. By operating the ISO 14001 system effectively, we keep our waste under control together with Environmental Management Systems.


We carry out various studies to reduce our waste production at its source, and we encourage our guests and employees to participate in the recycling program. By coding the buckets in the guest rooms according to the waste system, we want to raise the awareness of our guests and enable them to separate the waste at the source. In the same way, we encourage guests by coding buckets to have waste separation at source in floor corridors.

Disposable metal can, plastic bottle, etc. The amount of waste is reduced by using beverage units instead of beverages.

We reduce plastic waste by using osmosis water in restaurants and bars for drinking water.

As much as possible, packaging waste has been reduced by purchasing large packaged boxes and buckets instead of disposable breakfast products.

Paper straws have been replaced with plastic straws, and straws are not provided unless guests request it.

Disposable water consumption is reduced by using water dispensers in personnel areas. Refillable soap dispensers have been introduced in all guest rooms, bathrooms and toilets.

In order to reduce our paper consumption, we make our correspondence and announcements as much as possible in the mail environment.

In order to reduce our paper consumption, we do internal correspondence about Guests via Opex.

Instead of boucle shampoos and soaps in the guest areas, wall-mounted and refillable soaps and shampoos have been used.

Plastic straws used in guest areas have been changed to paper straws and straws will be given if the guest requests it. Thus, we reduce the use of plastic waste and limit the use of paper straws.

Since milk usage is high in kitchen areas, we have switched from 1 liter milk to 10 liters milk, thus reducing our packaging waste.


Chemicals are substances that we use in many areas of our lives, that make our lives easier, but can also cause negative consequences with their harmful effects. Chemicals are used in maintenance-repair activities and cleaning activities in our facilities.

Cleaning with the environment in mind means cleaning hygienically and at the same time having as little negative impact on health and the environment as possible. Damages to the environment can be minimized not only by using environmentally friendly cleaning products, but also by using these products sparingly and by adjusting their dosage. Thus, the total harm of chemicals to the environment can be significantly reduced.

It is our priority that all the chemicals we use are in approved, labeled and appropriate packaging, and that the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) has reached us. The use of chemicals by the purchased department, the information in the MSDS, the amount and methods of use, personal protective equipment requirements and "Hazardous Chemical Waste, Leakage Etc. Our employee, who will use the chemical, is trained on the precautions to be taken according to the Situation Intervention Instruction.

If our chemical warehouses are exposed to leaks, spills, etc. that may harm the environment, necessary precautions are taken against the situation. Chemical storage is carried out in accordance with the type of chemical, the manufacturer's storage instructions and regulations.

We work with relevant companies for the safe disposal of chemicals and follow up chemical wastes.

We control our chemical usage amounts and provide personnel training to prevent wasted and wrong chemical use. We prefer concentrated products as much as possible.

We use automatic dosing systems that use a minimum amount of chemicals for proper hygienic application in our pools.

We guarantee that the pesticides used by the pest control company we receive service from are products that do not harm human health and the environment. We try to make more use of natural measures (fly trap, adhesive paper, etc.).

Hazardous chemical waste, leakage, etc. We take necessary precautions for situations and provide staff training for spill, exposure and other incident response.


Cleanliness of sea water is one of the issues that we prioritize both within the scope of natural life protection and sustainable tourism.

In this context, we keep a sufficient number of garbage bins and waste containers on the beach, empty them regularly and keep them clean. We provide training to our beach staff and control the cleanliness of the beaches so that our beaches can be cleaner. We do regular zone cleaning at our own facilities.

We are happy that our Swallows, which are found in many parts of the hotel, in the tunnels, and on the room balconies, have chosen our hotel as their home. We do not disturb their nests, we offer them a living space.


Materials that wear and deform over time, such as textiles, are donated to the needy instead of being used as waste, or they are made smaller and used for different purposes. In this context, some of the room furniture and furnishings that are idle and usable are given to various organizations.

Studies are carried out to increase the environmental awareness of our guests. In this context, the waste bins placed in the guest rooms are labeled for waste sorting, and the guests who have been left with environmental cards, have been tried to be conscious of what our facility does and what they can do in terms of protecting the environment.

As part of the World Environment Day celebrations, we try to contribute to the development of environmental awareness of our children from an early age, with activities such as planting flowers, collecting waste, making shapes from packaging wastes in the children's clubs of each of our facilities.

Personnel Rights;

Right to use the aquapark free of charge. First degree relatives will also be able to benefit from food and beverage units for free once a month, with a 20% discount with a spending card. A 25% discount will be applied for more than one entry of their relatives in the same month and for other relatives and relatives.

Accommodation in lodging, right to three meals a day,

Motivation night was held for the personnel in June.

A shuttle service is provided to Selçuk and Kuşadası.

Use of Laundry Work uniforms and all work-related clothing are cleaned free of charge for all our employees.


Environmental trainings are provided to our employees in line with annual training programs. Trainings; reduction of consumption of natural resources, reduction and proper separation of wastes, what to do about hazardous wastes, Protection of Natural Life etc. includes topics.

Trainings are carried out internally and externally. With the trainings given periodically by our Environmental Officer, awareness of all our employees about the Environment was ensured. In addition, chemical trainings were received from our supplier companies, and the awareness of our employees who use chemicals was raised in order to ensure the standardization of chemical consumption. Awareness has been raised with trainings on the environmental damage of Waste Oils from the Vegetable Waste Oil Company and the importance of their collection.

Efforts are being made to prevent all living things in our facilities from being harmed in the event of a fire. In this context,

• Our employees were given fire training.

• Emergency teams were formed.

• Fire drills were organized.

• A chemical leak drill was held


June 5th Environment Day Beach Cleaning Event

March 26 WWF World Time App

Bird Houses

Introducing Local Products to Guests (Example; Barren)

Our department managers personally serve our local dishes at Turkish Nights. (Every Friday Oasis Restaurant)

In the Main Restaurants, menus are prepared to introduce Turkish and Aegean cuisine to the guests.

Chemical leak drills were organized with our Dangerous Goods Consultant for the departments using chemicals.


Respect everything on earth. Be it human or plant. Nature is not for us, it is part of us. They are part of your earthly family.