Aromatherapy Massage

A method of massage using oils obtained from a mixture of plant extracts which have powerful effects and can easily be absorbed by the skin. This massage features low rhythms, light movements and full relaxation. This leaves a soothing and relaxed body. 30/50 min.

 Deep Tissue Massage

The tension within your body settles within deep tissues and muscles causing your muscles to ache. Deep Tissue Massage is a regulative and therapeutic massage designed for problematic areas. It is extremely efficient for disposing of toxins out of your body and it is especially preferred by those who like tough massages. Deep tissue massage is a perfect method for relaxing physically, psychologically and mentally, solving blockages and stimulating energy flow. 50 min.

Bronzing Massage

Our organic sun tanning oil provides ultimate protection. Both carrot and cocoa oils provide utmost tanning while protecting the tissue from sun’s detrimental UV lights. This product presents one hour protection and we suggest you remain out of direct sunlight between 11:00am and 15:00pm.50 min.

Gold Massage

Using massage oils contain atomized gold powder that generates a golden shiny look on the skin. Our essential oils, hazelnut and sweet almond, are quickly absorbed by the skin as particularly the hazelnut oil penetrates through the skin very rapidly. Because of the nature of hazelnut oil, these products are very rich in vitamin E. This leaves a soothing and relaxed body. 60 min.

Zen Massage

A perfect escapade for feeling renewed.  Applied at lower or medium levels of intensity, this Swedish massage reduces stress, accelerates blood circulation, relaxes muscles and refreshes your mind. 30/50 min.




Exotic Massage in open air

A smoothing massage therapy with Classical Swedish Massage at the Balinese House in the peaceful and calming garden of SPA or on the beach. 30/50 min.

Therapist's Choice

Let our therapist create a treatment appropriate for your specific needs. Each therapist uses a combination of massage techniques to create a perfect therapeutic care experience. Our therapists start this care with reflexology. 60 min.

Back Massage

In this therapy, muscles are loosened and pains and aches are attenuated. Since nerves start from the backbone and are distributed throughout your body, this massage directly affects your nerves and relaxes your nervous system. It is especially efficient in the elimination of problems such as headache, insomnia, stress, back and neck pains and cricks.25 min.

 King & Queen Massage

A therapy that makes you feel like a king and a queen in a luxury environment. Two expert therapists will apply a whole body massage with synchronized movements. This synchronized movement of four hands at the same time, leaves you with an unforgettable experience.   60 min.

 Sunburn care

Our completely organic centaury-almond-aloe Vera oil mixture is used to improve inflamed areas that may occur during unprotected tanning sessions.

 Anti-Cellulite Massage

Cellulite massage activates blood and lymph circulation and provides a tissue filled with fresh oxygen. With special cellulite oils, orange peel like appearance under the skin can be destroyed. For a better result, we recommend 3 sessions are taken over a week: 25 min.

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