Kids Club

Kids Club

Welcome to our kids club.
Although our kids club is not like other kids clubs, it is our top priority for our children to come and have a good time together.
The age ranges of our kids club are as follows:

"Mini Club" for children between 4 - 7 years old
"Rock Club" for ages 8 - 12

Mini Club

On your first visit to the children's club, our request from you (parent / responsible person (s)) will be to fill in the REGISTRATION FORM to get detailed information about your child. Here, it is important for us that you provide us with your child's personal information as well as detailed information on health, allergies, etc.

Kids club activity hours

10:00 - 12:00

15:00 - 17:00

6 days a week

In our morning programs, we do not forget our sportive friends, we help our children to find friends by doing more active team games, dodgeball, etc. In our afternoon programs, we offer your children a perfect handicraft activities inside our activity rooms, which are much cooler.